Old Fashioned Press is an idea born from long conversations held in cars and bars, on highways and in hideaways, in the woods and in the open.  Mainly, we needed a place to discuss conspiracy theories, such as Eddie Money’s secret concept album, and conventional wisdom, such as the necessity of house pets.  Funked and Defunked will focus on current acts and bands that didn’t quite stick it out.  Flora and Fauna will be restaurant adventures from the dueling perspectives of the omnivore and the many different prefix-o-vore (pesca-ova-nut-twig…).  Pets will focus on the world’s greatest natural resource: the critters that make us tick.

Erica, our vegetarian correspondent, enjoys staring at snow, scouring cookbooks and annihilating the banjo (and not in a good way). She can, however, tread water for more than 2 hours while holding (and drinking) a can of beer.  Erica is the main dish at Wisconsin Fun Next Exit.  Old Fashioned?  Naturally!  Whiskey press with two olives.

Dan, a vinylphile and recovering athlete, can’t stop reading books written by old, bearded white guys, and is always on the look out for cats sitting in windows.  A former spelling bee champion, he hopes to someday get a 29 hand in cribbage, which is the pinnacle of being.  Old Fashioned?  Certainly!  Whiskey sour with olives or mushrooms, depending on the jukebox.

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